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We Offer Computer Repair Services in Orlando and Kissimmee

Orlando Computer Systems

Our Computer Repair Services

We will send you a professional computer technician to your home or office who will solve your computer problems.
We offer a variety computer repair services in ALL Central FL.
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The Check-Up 

Diagnose performance problems and provide estimates for solutions

Visual & audio of boot up checking for errors or slowness and noises

Taking note of start-up items

Review of system, applications & security logs

Review of Device Manager for errors

Check of hard drive for bad sectors

Launch main applications and check for error

Starting at: $25.00 

Virus or Malware Removal

Spyware & Adware Removal

Virus & Worm Removal

Remove rootkits and other malware

Identity-Stealing Trojan Removal

Removing unrequired Anti-Virus\Spyware Aps

Install Anti-Virus

Install Anti-Malware

Install Anti-Spyware

Starting at: $60.00 

Make your Computer Like New 

Formatting of Hard Drive

Reloading the operating system

Install needed software or drivers

Downloading all updates

Load all utilities; Java, Adobe, Flash, etc.

Install all critical updates

Setting up users and permissions

Configure for optimum performance

Creating often used shortcuts

Organizing Favorites

Install Microsoft Office 2013

Install Anti Virus

Install Anti-Malware

Install Anti Spyware

Starting at: $100.00

Software Install & Setup

Verify computer compatibility

Install software title(s)

Install necessary software updates

Create desktop, start menu and quick launch bar shortcuts

Test proper functionality of software

Starting at: $40.00

Hardware Install

Install one internal or external component such as a graphics card, hard drive, optical drive, MP3 player, printer or scanner

Install needed software or drivers

Install any updates essential to the new hardware

Configure for optimum performance

Starting at: $40.00

Remote Desktop Support

Orlando Computer Systems  provides instant, secure, and trouble-free connections between remote computers anywhere in the world. More Info Here!!!

Starting at: $35.00

Graphic Design Services

We offer unique and bold graphic design services for businesses including Logo Design and Redesign, Design of Banners Realization of advertising banner design for web pages, Advertising Art and Advertising spots TV. More Info Here!!!

Clean-Up or Tune UP

Optimize start-up and shutdown 

Removing unnecessary items from startup

Removing programs you no longer need

Clean up registry and temporary files

Spyware & Adware Removal

Virus & Worm Removal

Remove rootkits and other malware

Identity-Stealing Trojan Removal

Removing unused desktop Items

Clear Out Excess Temporary Files from Internet Surfing

Creating often used shortcuts

Organizing Favorites

Removing unrequired Anti-Virus\Spyware Aps

Running Disk Clean-up

Defragging Hard Disk

Install critical system updates

Install Anti-Virus

Install Anti-Malware

Install Anti-Spyware

Starting at: $80.00

Email Setup

Create up to two email accounts

Install and configure a 3rd party email application (if applicable) (cost of software is not included)

Transfer data from one email software application to another if necessary

Starting at: $40.00

Just A Simple Data Backup

Copy from accessible hard drive to customer owned USB thumb drive or external Drive.

Customer must have device ready at the time of service or must purchase from us to complete this task.

1KB – 5GB

No data guarantees

Starting at: $50.00

Tech Support Plans 

Get technical support service plans for nearly all your issues including computer help, virus removal and more. More info Here!!! 

Stating at $15.00 month.

Web Design

Designing websites that are user friendly, mobile responsive to show properly across all devices. A clean and modern design allows an easy user experience while on your website. More Info Here!!!

Starting at: $599.99

Social Media Service

We offer experience managing the social presence for brands. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, and instagram we have you covered. Project a creative, uniform message among all social channels to those who “like”, “follow”, and “share” your brand. More Info Here!!!

Search Engine Submission  Service

Guaranteed website submission has never been so affordable! The Advanced Submission Package provides you with guaranteed search engine listing and savings of over 35% every month!. More Info Here!!!

Starting at: $100.00

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