We Offer  Services in Orlando and Kissimmee

Orlando Computer Systems

Computer Repair 

Diagnose performance problems and provide estimates 

for solutions

Graphic Design

We offer unique and bold graphic design services for 

businesses and Personal 

Social Media

Provide professional Social Media Services, for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram YouTube etc

Website Designs 

Offer professional website design for small businesses, no-profits school and more

Who We Are?

Orlando Computer Systems is a professional team dedicated to do any Computer Repair Services in Orlando, and  Kissimmee. Also we offer, Social Media Services, Graphic Design Services and Website Design. 

Our goal is to reach everyone using the best knowledge & tools for any PC needs. We have technical equipment to be able to provide a great performance with any specific PC needs.

Why we are your best choice?

  • Available 7 Days a Week.
  • Give personal attention to all our Customers.
  • Our services are done in either English or Spanish.
  • All Our Services come within 30 day Warranty.

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